Monday, August 29, 2011

Reflecting...and thankful

Last night just before midnight, Bekah and Jeremy pulled into my driveway after journeying 16 hours from Springfield, IL. Jere has been living in LA for the past two months, and now Bekah is following. Despite the fact that they could only stay until 4:00 this afternoon, we had the most wonderful day- from start to finish.
Exploring in the mountains, ice cream in Centennial, lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, B&J introducing me to Farkle, me introducing them to Bananagrams.
Whenever Bekah and I are together, life is good. As we spent today making more memories to add to our list, I couldn't help but look at that beautiful girl and think about all that all that she has done in my life. Six years ago I met this shy, strange girl on my first day of college. If you had told me that she would become the best friend I have ever had, I would have laughed at you. When freshman year ended and I wanted to transfer to a school in Vermont, the main reason I chose to stay at Asbury was Bekah. When I was aching from a broken heart and wanted nothing more than to curl up and cry, Bekah was there to hold me. When I felt a call on my heart to reach out to the orphans of China, it only made sense that God had already placed Bekah in my life. When my family moved from the only home I had ever known, Bekah was there to support me and cover me with love. And today, as I struggle with finding community and true deep friendship, there was Bekah. With me in Laramie, WY.

As I look back on our six years of friendship, I praise God. HE placed this girl in my life, and continues to bless me through her daily presence. I am thankful.

Monday, March 7, 2011

6 months. check it out.

Well, I've slacked again. But I'm still kickin'.

It's almost 2:00 am and I'm sitting at work. I've been thinking since I got here about writing a new post, but nothing of huge substance is coming to mind. So I think, once again, this will be a conglomeration of random thoughts and updates to catch you up on my life.

On November 7th I went to church feeling the lowest I've felt since I moved to Wyoming, mainly due to my lack of community here. After writing down a specific prayer request to be sought out, the service closed with my favorite hymn, It Is Well. You can believe me when I say I SANG it! Feeling a little better, I walked out to my car. But before I got there I was literally chased down by the person who had been sitting next to me, who just wanted to make sure we were introduced and that I was wished a good week. Did I mention that 10 minutes earlier I had prayed to be sought out? That was the day things turned around for me in Laramie, and I stopped counting down the days to June 18th.

With that, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be staying here for at least another year after Wes and Loryn's wedding. The plan had been to apply to grad school, most likely Louisville, but I was just getting NO motivation. Which was super frustrating for sure, but I just have to trust God's guidance. I'm really seeing lots of blessings here, and constant reminders of God's faithfulness in my doubt. I just have this feeling like I have more to do here, so I need to be patient and let God do it.

After a few months of searching, I have found a church home. I thought I had found it in Harvest Christian, the church where I was chased after in the parking lot :). But then on Christmas Eve I went to Grace Baptist with the Fultons, and felt so comfortable. I went back the first Sunday of the New Year to see what a regular service was like, and all I could think was how much it feels like Franklin. Small congregation with a huge heart. The sermon is simple, straightforward, and so genuine. And the people are SO intentional. Which is just what I need right now.

The day after Christmas I flew to San Jose for a whirlwind trip, both for Paul and Christina's wedding and for the chance to see everyone. It was a fantastic trip- emotionally exhausting, but very worth it. I miss having Ryan and Bree in my daily life.

Wyoming sunsets never get old. Sunrises either.
I love this cat. Like, seriously.

I love having Winter again.
I miss Vermont, pretty much ALL the time. And that gets annoying, because I can only do so much about it. But as long as I can get everything figured out with my housing situation, I'm pretty sure I will be heading that way for Memorial Day weekend. Fingers are crossed.
I love my brother, and I love Loryn. I am so thankful that God brought me here and for this time in our lives. I know I will forever cherish this. Today after church I went over to their new apartment (which is Loryn's until the wedding). We had pancakes and bacon for lunch, then sat and played Imaginiff. I'm so thankful for family, and for moments like that.

A year ago right now I was in Wyoming, coming to see if I felt confirmation regarding moving here or not. It is crazy to think of all that God did in my heart during that weekend, and all that He has done since then.

This feels like a really boring post. Bummer. Hopefully I can do better next time. And by next time I mean sometime sooner than 6 months from now.

So much love.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

random thoughts that don't fit anywhere else

The majority of the time I think in the form of Facebook statuses. Lately I've been in a bit of a slump, resulting in the lack of a good status update for a bit. In the last 24 hours I've had a sudden influx of ideas, and now I can't decide if none of them are quite right, or if I'm actually supposed to share them all.

So here it is, a multi-layered status update.

Becki Kempton once again, God has taken my doubts and turned them into hope.

Becki Kempton has the best little brother in the world.

Becki Kempton is thankful to have a cat because now I have at least 4 friends in this town.

Becki Kempton is thankful for farmer's makerts, raw Wyoming honey, and our sweet avocado green refrigerator, because now I finally have a use for my Romanian honey jar.

Becki Kempton misses her Advent family.

Becki Kempton misses people who know her.

Becki Kempton is thankful to have the greatest mom in the world.

Becki Kempton has joined the world of Zumba followers. So much FUN!!!

Becki Kempton there's no way that watching Little House on the Prairie can't automatically turn your day AWESOME.

Becki Kempton my first month in KY I used to walk through Talbott and imagine living in one of those houses someday. I find myself doing the same thing in Laramie.

Becki Kempton I hate the feeling of being unsettled. Still trying to figure out why it is then that God keeps sending me to new places. Can I know the answer now?

Becki Kempton can't believe her little ducks are SENIORS!!?! This is not possible.

Becki Kempton I wish my head wasn't so big because I really want to get a cute short haircut right now.

Becki Kempton is scared. Lonely. Struggling. Confused. And ever more faithful in God, every moment that passes.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I miss:
the kids
dirt roads
the ledges
our fields
the smell of cow manure
the Riley Road
walking barefoot all day
real green grass
the Pinnacle
bonfires in the backyard
driving to school on the Browns Corner Road
Vaillancourt's orchard
the view from Towle Neighborhood Road
the smell of fresh hay in the summer
the lake
kayaking on the lake
tubing on the lake
cookouts at the lake
sitting by the lake and reading a book all day
smelling like campfire and lake water
laying on the dock at night looking at stars

I should go back to Vermont.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today (well, technically yesterday but I haven't gone to bed yet) I was at the mall in Cheyenne, on my way back to the Denver airport, when a tornado touched down a mile or so away. Shortly before it hit, Wes and I had been standing in front of the pet store watching the puppies in the window. There were two men standing there, seeming to immensely enjoy the entertainment. I gauged them to be the trucker or biker type, but I had no idea. Regardless, I was curious as to why they were spending their afternoon watching puppies in a pet store window. But who I am to judge?

So about 5 minutes later Wes and I found ourselves in a maintenance access hallway with mall employees and other shoppers, waiting out the storm. Shortly after we got there, the two men from the pet store walked in. The taller of the two seemed to be really friendly. He was chopping it up with the little boy across the aisle. Then his phone rang, and he began to talk to who I later gathered to be a trucker friend. He told the guy on the phone that he has been broken down in Cheyenne since Friday. He said "I had a free day with nothing to do, so I came to the mall to watch the puppies."

I love people.