Wednesday, September 1, 2010

random thoughts that don't fit anywhere else

The majority of the time I think in the form of Facebook statuses. Lately I've been in a bit of a slump, resulting in the lack of a good status update for a bit. In the last 24 hours I've had a sudden influx of ideas, and now I can't decide if none of them are quite right, or if I'm actually supposed to share them all.

So here it is, a multi-layered status update.

Becki Kempton once again, God has taken my doubts and turned them into hope.

Becki Kempton has the best little brother in the world.

Becki Kempton is thankful to have a cat because now I have at least 4 friends in this town.

Becki Kempton is thankful for farmer's makerts, raw Wyoming honey, and our sweet avocado green refrigerator, because now I finally have a use for my Romanian honey jar.

Becki Kempton misses her Advent family.

Becki Kempton misses people who know her.

Becki Kempton is thankful to have the greatest mom in the world.

Becki Kempton has joined the world of Zumba followers. So much FUN!!!

Becki Kempton there's no way that watching Little House on the Prairie can't automatically turn your day AWESOME.

Becki Kempton my first month in KY I used to walk through Talbott and imagine living in one of those houses someday. I find myself doing the same thing in Laramie.

Becki Kempton I hate the feeling of being unsettled. Still trying to figure out why it is then that God keeps sending me to new places. Can I know the answer now?

Becki Kempton can't believe her little ducks are SENIORS!!?! This is not possible.

Becki Kempton I wish my head wasn't so big because I really want to get a cute short haircut right now.

Becki Kempton is scared. Lonely. Struggling. Confused. And ever more faithful in God, every moment that passes.