Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tears and Pranks and Remembering God's Power

So today was kind of a sad day, for things that I can't really talk about. We can pray though.

On a bit of a different beat: so tonight after we got home from the meeting, James and I began a game of pool. One end of the pool table is a few feet from the sliding glass door out onto our deck. Early into the game, I was leaning over about to take my turn, with the door behind me, when James said "Oh My God". If you know me, you know I have always been afraid of the dark. And as it is, looking out that door at night scares me, especially when I am alone. I always have the fear that someone is going to run up the steps at me. So as soon as James yelled that was my thought, and I turned around to see a big man coming quickly toward the door. I jumped and then realized it was Gene, our weekend night counselor, but it was too late; my nerves had already gotten the best of me. Nothing in me could control me from screaming, or throwing down my stick and running around the corner yelling. Gene got a kick out of it.

Side note: about halfway through that paragraph there was a sudden knock at the 1 am. It was Gene, coming back from his night run. He sucks.

So yes, pranks are fun. And that was definitely a memorable one. But regardless, my mind is preoccupied by other things tonight, and all I can do is keep praying and knowing that God is hearing me and that He is with those who are on my mind.