Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today (well, technically yesterday but I haven't gone to bed yet) I was at the mall in Cheyenne, on my way back to the Denver airport, when a tornado touched down a mile or so away. Shortly before it hit, Wes and I had been standing in front of the pet store watching the puppies in the window. There were two men standing there, seeming to immensely enjoy the entertainment. I gauged them to be the trucker or biker type, but I had no idea. Regardless, I was curious as to why they were spending their afternoon watching puppies in a pet store window. But who I am to judge?

So about 5 minutes later Wes and I found ourselves in a maintenance access hallway with mall employees and other shoppers, waiting out the storm. Shortly after we got there, the two men from the pet store walked in. The taller of the two seemed to be really friendly. He was chopping it up with the little boy across the aisle. Then his phone rang, and he began to talk to who I later gathered to be a trucker friend. He told the guy on the phone that he has been broken down in Cheyenne since Friday. He said "I had a free day with nothing to do, so I came to the mall to watch the puppies."

I love people.